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February 21, 2009



i just read a few links. it's 1:00am and I should really go to sleep, but I couldn't help but click on a couple first!

I read the one about living in the refugee camp because I was curious how much it described what that life might look like... I can't imagine how that must feel. And it's sad to think of the millions of people throughout the world who have been forced into these camps...

I also read the one about "slum tourism" because I had heard about something similar happening in Delhi. It's pretty disturbing if you ask me... I thought this quote from the article put it well: "Kibera does not need pity tours, it needs action." Being a photographer myself, it is certainly difficult sometimes to photograph certain things, hoping that the people will believe that I genuinely care about their stories, and don't just want to snap some "National Geographic" photo... But that trust can often only be earned with time...

And lastly, I read the one about the money changers because it reminded me of the ones I saw in Yei, Sudan. It was crazy to see those guys just sitting there with stacks and stacks of money just lying right there! Wild...


"And that pile doesn't even include actual original ideas, which is a whole separate pile that I keep avoiding because you'll all be mad at me when you find out what I really think. :) "
Pull 'em out!

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