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March 05, 2007



I always enjoy your sarcasm.

Rebecca Stevenson

For years now, my friend Beth and I have been secretly suspecting that Oprah is the anti-Christ. Sounds like maybe the secret's out, huh?



I am actually sad about all this because usually Oprah does so much good. Not this time.


Sav - As you know, sarcasm isn't very African, so my blog is my outlet. Glad someone appreciates me! :)

Rebecca - She can only be the antiChrist if she believes she is the antiChrist, thus attracting antiChristness. Or something like that. Scary.

And Faydra - It is sad, but to me it is sad that such a nutty and clearly unhealthy book can rocket to #1 status on the word of Oprah. And it is sad that she can't see how destructive this book's philosophy is for the communities she spends so much time and money trying to help.


Ironic, isn't it?


very interesting.
i'm adding in RSS Reader

R Wirth

If she is: Jesus will take her out.


it is so crazy that people think that Oprah is anti-christ wihout proves, they are just imagining thinks and just basing things on stupid facts, it is thesame thing as Dan Brown did in his da vinci code, i think people just create situations to bring people's career down or to make money. The same thing is happening to Barack Obama. the virus of jealousy is something which will soon compete with the exisitence of AIR in this world


Mh, scary hey honesty do we really know what we are attracting from the universe, what is helping bring those thoughts to life. The bible sure doesnt not say that. Miss Oprah what in the hell are you messing around with in space??


I have read The Secret carefully, twice. It´s impressive knowledge with quotes from Einstein, Isaac Newton and many other scientists and philosophers about the power of mind over matter. Maybe it´s too metaphysical for a conservatively christian audience but not without benefits. To me personally, The Secret gave me the tools to free myself from lifelong existential anxieties and at least 20 yrs of periodical depression. As compassionate christians,you can all imagine what a relief that is for me.



Steve Gunn

Congrats on showing this up to be what it is... Like most lies it has grains of truth but ask anyone who knows even the basics about Metaphysics and see that coming from a place of any sort of need outside of self is anything but spiritual and promoting oneness.

Many of the people quoted in the movie didn't "attract" anything but a challenge and they dug deep inside and rose to that challenge - quite the opposite of think and it will happen. Toil sweat and inspiration were what they used..


Hi I think you're wrong. I'm sure. I can prove it.

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