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February 04, 2007



hello, brother. i began reading your blog only about a week ago, but i have already found your tales of Africa to be incredibly enlightening and inspiring. i am planning to go to Nigeria (and possibly Ghana) this summer for an internship with Back2Back Ministries in Jos, Nigeria, and then spend some of my own time in the rest of the country, as well as in Ghana. i am seeking to get proper HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria treatment to those in need. that is going to eventually be the reason i come back hopefully within another five years in order to make myself a more permanent resident, helping my brothers and sisters there everyday.
i am wondering if you know what ARV's are specifically being used in treatment in different regions of Africa. i have recently learned of Treatment Information Group's attacks on ARV's such as Nevirapine and AZT. are these still the best drugs out there for HIV+ patients?

thank you for your time and for continuing to bless us with your insight from afar.


Archer - Thanks for your interest and questions. I've tried to answer thoroughly on your own blog, but for the information of my readers here, I'll just say - don't listen to anything from the "TIG". They are not accurate, scientific, or remotely reliable.


Yes, thank you very much for the clarification. this has really helped my friends and i, in our pursuit of the truth in Africa and within certain groups and corporations. i would like to continue a dialogue of questions with you, if i may. however, i don't want to crowd out your comments here! if you're interested, please let me know via asherlittlefield@sbcglobal.net
thank you once again for all your insight and help!



one more question (for a while, hopefully).

i was researching some of Anthony Brink's works and found a hyperlink that contained an e-mail address with which to reach him. it was the feedback e-mail address for USAfricaOnline.com, a website i discovered several weeks ago and had imagined to be quite worthy of note. is it perhaps possible that Brink holds sway over this "independent" news media?
thank you again for your time.


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